“Prosciutto" Raw Ham
Mature "Coppa" and "Filone"
Swine Morsels
Bacon and "Goletta"
Italian Sausages
Other Producst

After months of absence from our tables, waiting for autumn and winter means waiting for enjoying this kind of products as well…

HEAD “COPPA”: Kind of cold meat and salami without preservatives manufactured with national lean head and tongue swine meat. Cooked, seasoned, then made into sausage by using natural gut. Its weight goes from 3 to 5 Kilograms.

“COTECHINO”: Kind of cold meat and salami produced with national swine meat and pigskin, from which it takes its name. It is sold uncooked. Medium weight available: Kg. 0,400

…and other people just make particular occasions all year long only because they like this kind of cold meat and salami.

“PORCHETTA” WHOLE ROASTED PIG: This is the lean bust of a national swine that has been boned, spiced and baked. Available in smaller peaces too.